Communication/ Judges Box Trailers

We have Two Commentary Units available for hire, fully equipped with everything you will need for your event’s Public Address System, quality equipment suitable for indoor and outdoor events,

Unit 1 & Unit 2 are  twin axle box trailers with 180 degrees visibility through forward and side facing windows, a permanent forward facing desk with comfortable seating for four people..

Loudspeakers can be mounted above the roof on specially made galvanised steel poles

It is equipped with  radio microphones, a top quality  Mixer Amplifier with up to 6 microphone or line inputs, and has room for 4 adults, with a full length work surface, comfortable chairs.


In addition to our range of Commentary Units, we also have equipment to enable loudspeakers to be placed in strategic locations around a site for emergency announcements or to cover remote lorry and car parking areas.