Two sizes of public display are available and can be used with any of the timers. Several displays may be connected to one timer to improve coverage. All displays are powered either by external 12 volt battery or mains adapter.

D505 Display

C840 Professional Timer

This displays has 5″ high red illuminated numbers, easily viewable at 50 metres. The brightness can be altered for indoor or outdoor conditions.

D510 Display

D510 Display

The D510 and flap display allows crowds to see the time of the round as it happens. These displays show fluorescent yellow numbers making them attractive and highly visible even in bright sunlight. The digits are 10″ high, easily viewable at 100 metres. Power is from a 12 volt battery or from the mains using an external adapter. The case is of welded steel making it very weather resistant, with a steel lid for protection during transportation. Mounting brackets are provided. D510 – Size: 1300mm x 350mm x 100mm. Weight 25kg